Thursday 1 September 2011

Writing Update…

Well it is an exciting time for my author self. My first novel is underway and the draft of the first few chapters is done. The story has been brewing for several months, characters taking shape and acting out scenes for me, locations colourising and a complex range of events and emotions etching themselves out over time.

The writing has been smooth so far, my protagonist driving events very nicely with little direction or interference from my conscious mind. This is the first in a trilogy about powerful creatures that dwell in the Cloudlands and watch over the human races of the earth below. Their unique magic is under threat, the very fate of the world is trembling and the balance of it all will depend on the strength of few. I have multiple character threads to weave amongst one another and the main challenge will be keeping track of each character’s journey.

Overall I’m really pleased with progress so far but my one struggle at the moment is establishing exactly who my target audience is. It has been suggested that the book may have a crossover into the young adult market, but I’m hesitant. It may be that the story takes a darker turn and isolates itself into adult high fantasy. I have a female protagonist that faces a hard path and I’m not quite sure exactly what will get in her way. Only time will tell, and the writing is continuing daily. More updates as they’re available.

Elloise Hopkins.

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  1. I am very excited about reading the finished product and who knows, maybe we can collaborate and I can use an extract for a puppet show or Coruscate stuff? x