I write because it keeps me alive...

Life is a circle. I find myself back at my roots. Back at the beginning. Yet so much ground has been covered that it is also not the beginning. By day I seek knowledge and pass it onto others. By night and weekend I am a book reviewer and author. If I am not writing, working or exploring the world then I am probably reading or cooking or both, and when life really demands it, I am watching Labyrinth and letting my imagination drift.

My epic fantasy series, The Aethera Trilogy, is taking wonderful shape as the third book draws to a close. It has brought me great joy, laughter and tears and I know it is a story that will bring the same to others in its turn. If I do not managed to secure an agent then I will look at self-publishing the series. The Aethera want their story to be told, and so do I.

Meanwhile, in the virtual world, I muse, ponder, share my reads, thoughts and adventures, and generally pop up from time to time, so feel free to explore, read some short examples of my writing on the bio page, see what I'm getting up to on 'What Am I?', and use the social links to follow me and find out more at Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. Here and there I shall bare my soul, cloaked in fantasy and melodrama.

I have always had a vivid imagination, which is perfect for creating genre fiction and immersing myself in imaginary places. I take influence from my own experiences and those around me to explore what I see and feel and express it through this medium. There is always a story waiting to be told.

Writing gives me the creative output I need to make sense of the world. I write because I need to write. I write because it keeps me alive. To be a full time novelist is my dream. One day I hope the dream will be my reality.