I am a UK based book reviewer and author, currently working on a trilogy of epic fantasy novels. Book one is out in the wide world seeking an agent and book two has just delighted me with a first draft. If I'm not writing, working or exploring the world, I'm probably reading.

This is my virtual home so feel free to explore, read some short examples of my writing on the bio page, see what I'm up to at the moment, and use the social links to follow me and find out more. Here I shall bare my soul, cloaked in fantasy and melodrama.

Writing is my main passion in life and my primary ambition is to become a full time novelist.

I have always had a vivid imagination, which is perfect for creating genre fiction and immersing myself in imaginary places. I take influence from my own experiences and those around me to explore what I see and feel and express it through this medium. There is always a story waiting to be told.

Writing gives me the creative output I need to make sense of the world - I write because I need to write.  

As well as my novel writing, I am always working on short stories and I also write some non-fiction articles, book reviews and copy for online content. 

For me, writing is a permanent form of expression and something I hope to continue to do throughout my life in whatever form inspires me at the time. You can find progress on my current project on this site, and I share snippets of my writing on Facebook via my wordbytes project. You can also read my bookbytes and filmbytes there and share your own opinions. I use Twitter to express ideas and convey information, and Goodreads to track my reading habits and ratings, so you can use whatever platform you choose to follow me and join in. I hope to meet you somewhere.