Thursday 8 September 2011

Cartoons as necessity…

As a child of the 80s, the so-named ‘retro cartoon’ is well and truly embedded in my everyday culture. My home is adorned with various cartoon-related memorabilia, ranging from the more recent Final Fantasy figurines to the original He-Man and Star Wars characters and the cheeky Thundercats.

This morning I wrapped up a present for someone in Spiderman wrapping paper whilst using a Count Duckula pencil to mark out the paper and a Danger Mouse DVD case to hold it still. I wore Supergirl pyjamas last night and had a conversation about Dungeons and Dragons.

All of these activities and items have such a natural place in my life that it is only on rare occasions that I wonder why these old cartoons have such a relevant place in my life decades on and why I still value them so highly.

It is said that young children take influence from and learn behaviour, mannerisms and values from cartoons. I can only assume that cartoons in the 1980s were so seeped in moral tales and full of educational values that they have lived within the subconscious of my mind ever since. I am certainly not ready to let go yet.

Elloise Hopkins.

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