Monday 22 June 2015

Crayola Colour Mood...

Ultramarine Blue! I’m feeling nautical! In the manner of someone who lives far from the sea, drifting, as it were, on dry land. I search for a boat, a berth, a place on the deep blue. I am grounded. And I want off it. My feet long for adventure.

What a colour. What an ‘I could just dive in there and find a whole world’ kind of a depth it has. Ultramarine. Sounds like such a mystical path to somewhere… different. I could be bobbing along, bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny... oh! Look what’s happened now. A Bedknobs moment and a pause to say a quiet ode to the ultramarine blue, thank you.

How could you not love this colour? So simple… so strikingly simple, but look at it! It is endless. It leads to something more. Imagine those lines expanding, lengthening beyond the corners of your eyes. Watch them touch the horizon and tip, drawing you down and off to the next place. Watch them roll and churn.

I let myself drift into Ultramarine Blue and find within it such strength that I dare not argue with where I am nor where it takes me. My Crayola Colour Mood reminds me that there is always more out there. More to find. More to do. At the right time I will drift on and fall wherever it shall lead me.

Elloise Hopkins.