Saturday 29 April 2017

Crayola Colour Mood...

Spring has sprung, well and truly, making my colour of the moment the lush Maximum Green. Maximum Green! Can you get any richer a green?

Spring means traditional celebrations of new growth, the build up of crops, flowers, bird song and the lighter, brighter pathway to summer. Spring is for awakenings and change.

Spring means spring cleaning, time to spruce up the home, and time to spruce up your life. Spring is for new starts, not those flippant, desperate ones you strive for in winter at the beginning of the new year but the true new starts of spring, of lighter mornings, warmer days and the dawning of hope and happiness.

Spring means getting outside, shaking off those lazy winter blues and breathing the air. Breathe it all in!

I have spent the last weeks walking in the countryside, getting spring into my lungs and a spring back into my step. As the miles fall beneath my feet I feel the possibilities of life and future creeping back to hug me in a grassy, mossy, ferny blanket. The reassurance of spring.

So for today I consider myself fully immersed and committed to all that spring brings. When in doubt, breathe in the Maximum Green and indulge in Spring 2017’s Crayola Colour Mood.

Maximum Green!

Elloise Hopkins.