Tuesday 6 September 2011

Mouse Pointer…

I’ll say it now outright, as my colleagues well know, I am not a fan of a certain possibly-world-dominating operating system. The words ‘not responding’ frequently send me into a rant about wasted time. Seriously, could I not just get through one day at work without having to scream at the computer?

On the plus side, it does make me love my own computer (different and far more stable operating system) a great deal more. But it has forced me to try to look on the bright side when I’m at work and find ways to overcome the rage. Today’s solution: the mouse pointer.

I removed that dratted, lying, teasing, tormenting egg timer, so that when the computer is taking an age to perform the simplest of tasks or when it is contemplating the two dreaded words, I can now gleefully watch a horse galloping across the screen. With a simple flick of the mouse I can line him up and play a commentary in my head, race against invisible foes, and sketch out a Wild West scene to my heart’s content. Ok so it’s not the best solution but it does calm me slightly. Any other solutions?

Elloise Hopkins.

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