Thursday 29 September 2011

Books that last…

Sometimes when I read a book I get this feeling, a warm fuzzy feeling, that this book is going to last. I just know, when this feeling spreads over me, that this is a book I will read again and when I do there will be something new, something greater than the initial read that will emerge on the second read and all subsequent ones. And there will be subsequent ones.

It is a feeling that crops up when writing is really good, when characters are fully rounded, when plotlines cunningly interweave themselves and when more reveals itself over time, cleverly concealed beneath the surface. It happens when the reader is completely pulled into the book for its entirety, when the end comes too soon and leaves a desire for more.

We all have favourite books that get revisited from time to time to seek out a heightened emotional experience. If I could write just one book that had even a shade of this potential I would be happy but until then I shall content myself with the search for greatness in others.

Elloise Hopkins.

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