Monday 12 September 2011

Favourite Artist of the Moment…

Whether it is the impending descent of the winter months and the associated sadness, or just a melancholy air, I am finding the work of H.R. Giger to be extremely inspirational at the moment.

Much of it is dark and gruesome at first glance but then this feels fitting given that I mainly read genre fiction that has its themes dotted with dark and gruesome acts. On closer inspection, the work is teeming with intricacies and beautiful details that seem to defy logic and traditional art.

Some people see only outrage when they look at Giger’s work. They see crudity for the sake of being crude and nothing more. I count myself lucky to be someone who can look beyond the initial gloss of a piece of artwork and search for the true skill behind it.

Giger’s work is in fact intelligent in message and execution and this week I will remember the discoveries I found when flicking through a book of his work and will strive to take some strength based on that into my own work.

Elloise Hopkins.

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