The Aethera Trilogy is an epic fantasy series about The Aethera, winged, magical beings who live in the Cloudlands and watch over the Landfolk below. But perhaps it is not the Landfolk who need protecting, but the Aethera too?

Book one is drafted at 120,000 words. Book two has comfortably reached its conclusion at 80,000. Book three opened with a punch and is about half way there, at 50,000. There is a long way to go, and some snarls to unravel, but the story is taking shape. And what a story it is turning out to be!

The Aethera are powerful and powerfully flawed. The readers will love them. At times they will hate them, but only until they realise why they have to do the things they do.

The balance of the world has been disrupted. The Prophet speaks of a darkness and in dreams they all see it. Something has to be done.

But with three Aethera, and only one Vesper...

Which of them is the prophesied Saviour of Realm?

In a world long ago divided into three, three brothers lose their power, and the darkness long held at bay begins to seep into the edges of the worlds and into the dreams of those who may be able to save them all, The Aethera.

A mage and a queen. A warrior and a king.

Blue flame and crystal tears.

A darkness creeps across Realm.