Saturday 17 September 2011

How did I live before apps?

I finally cracked recently and invested in a highly popular brand name I’m-more-than-a-tablet tablet. I could no longer resist the lure, plus airport duty free swung it for me. I was a little dubious about the purchase, cost for one thing, and I wondered whether I would actually use it in reality. Being a writer the main appeal, and the reason I wanted one, was to have a super-portable sketchbook/laptop/plus that I can take everywhere and work everywhere.

I think the use it’s had since purchase has paid for it already, but what struck me the most about its usability is the ease at which one can obtain apps and the sheer volume of topics and helping hands available. How did I ever survive without being able to check the weather at the slide of a finger, being able to type in comfort without a constant power supply and table to hand, or find the meaning to obscure facts of life on the move?

Of course there are limits to its wonder. I can’t do all of my work on it but it will certainly make life easier when it comes to travel and lunch breaks in the park. I can carry a wealth of books, music and movies wherever I go without having to invest in a Mary Poppins style handbag. Plus it is really shiny. Oh, did I say that out loud?

Elloise Hopkins.

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