Tuesday 7 June 2011

Writing Update…

Well May was a busy and really exciting month. I finished my portfolios for the first block of my MA and submitted those for marking. The portfolio pieces are a mixture of genre fiction and memoir along with a critical analysis. They use a variety of narrative techniques, structure, point of view and tense, the idea being that they will display a range of my writing.

I also submitted a couple of competition entries for short stories and novel openings and they are already generating some great feedback. More information about these and my current writing project is on my website.

I also completed the final phase of my website construction and social networking profiles and they are now all live. The aim is that the site is now more accessible on a variety of platforms so people can access information about me through whatever medium they want to and can follow my blogs, tweets and wordbytes to keep up-to-date on what I’m working on.

I have also just started the re-working of Coruscate Theatre’s website. We went live with the original last year but the business has now branched out into London as well as maintaining its original presence in the East Midlands so I am re-structuring the website accordingly. On top of this my MA continues and I am writing some book reviews too (genre fiction of course) so I’m juggling many tasks throughout June. I knew I should have been born in the circus.

Elloise Hopkins.

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