Wednesday 15 June 2011

The Modern Mobile…

I am not the most technologically advanced person I know but I do love new gadgets, especially when they make life easier. I never cease to be impressed by the leaps made in handheld gadgets over the last decade. If someone had told me, as I clutched my very first giant-sized mobile phone in the ‘90s, that I would be using touch screen technology to update social networking accounts and be making digital videos from my mobile within ten years, I would not have believed it.

My apartment is cluttered with technology – laptops, hard drives, graphic tablets, ereaders and a multitude of leads and transmitters among other things – but I have resisted mobile phone advances… until now. I still hang onto a little escapism from work when I am away from it.

But, yes world, I am now the proud owner of a touch-screen, fully networked, camera, music player, fm radio, wireless messaging device, oh yes and it is a phone too. I have set aside my old ‘does exactly what it says i.e. makes phone calls’ phone and delved into something a little more modern.

So far I have been outsmarted by my smart phone and am in a ‘wow you can really do all this from a phone’ daze. Suddenly travelling will be less stressful and life will be far smoother with a universe of information at my fingertips. Now if I can just work out how to keep the screen fingerprint-free I’ll be happy.

Elloise Hopkins.

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