Monday 27 June 2011

How to survive…

Hot days when you’re stuck inside working.

There is possibly little worse than being stuck in a stuffy office under glaring fluorescent lights when it is sunny outside. This has the same effect for me whether I am at work or working at home. In both locations I have a clear view of the sun outside taunting me with its warm glow.

So my survival guide is thus. At work I stare out of the window as much as possible and revel in the moments when the sun falls across my face. I close my eyes and imagine myself right out of the room, which is indeed where I would rather be.

My survival guide at home is a little easier. I am lucky enough to have floor-to-ceiling windows I can slide open, although the compromise is baking in a greenhouse-type environment in an “I’m melting” style.

But my tip for anyone who doesn’t have big windows – and I actually adopt this practice myself too – is to make the inside look like the outside. Line the place with plant pots and fill them with green leaves. I am actually munching my way through a rocket leaf as I write this. Tasty. Ok so maybe I am being plagued by irritating, indoor-dwelling fruit flies at the same time, and maybe my floor space is being swallowed by a salad jungle, but at least I feel like I am outside in the sun. That’s me: bringing the outside in with a smile.

Elloise Hopkins.

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