Thursday 23 June 2011

Design catch up...

It’s been a busy time for my author-self recently but the designer in me is catching up fast. I’ve re-worked my own website and expanded on my social networking portfolios so aside from a few issues of tidying up and making connections I’m pretty happy with my set up.

Next on the list is the re-working of Coruscate Theatre’s website. They are a theatre company that originated in the East Midlands but have now branched out and are taking a presence into Greater London.

A new branch of the business and a new city means a change is needed all round and we are now in prototype stages of the new website. The site aim is for it to be a one-stop shop for details of the company, their initiatives, directors, booking information, social networking and an archive gallery of their work.

We are using the idea of ‘clean and approachable’ as the basis for the design so it will be accessible and appealing to all levels of their clients and collaborators. Whilst preserving the original branding we will be launching a smart new version of the site later this year. Watch this space.

Elloise Hopkins

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