Thursday 2 June 2011

Running and getting nowhere…

I saw a great picture of the Flintstones recently. It was this one with the legs clearly visible under the car. Memories of the cartoon came flooding back to me and I relished in the nostalgia until I was struck by a darker thought.

‘Cartoon legs’ has always been an expression in my vocabulary from the young age, courtesy of my father. The Flintstones are a great example. Their legs move so quickly but the car drifts merrily along at whatever pace it pleases.

Sometimes writing feels like cartoon legs. I type and type away as quickly as my mind can think and my fingers can move, but the page is filled at a very leisurely pace, black text slowly filling the bleak canvas from left to right, top to bottom. None of my sense of urgency is reflected in the screen.

Sometimes life feels like cartoon legs. Ever find yourself moving as fast as you can but getting nowhere?

Elloise Hopkins.

1 comment:

  1. My packing to move to London has been a bit cartoon legs. Off tomorrow!