Monday 18 April 2011

Split Personalities…

I recently watched Black Swan and have been haunted ever since by the realisation that I am surrounded by people who appear to have split personalities, or the Jekyll and Hyde effect as I like to call it.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was, in short, a study of split personality, delving into the battle between good and evil embodied in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, who are of course, one and the same person.

Similar to the demise of Nina in Black Swan as she bows under pressure and enters the alternate personality of the character Black Swan, I am witnessing people undergoing this transformation in my own life. Seemingly well-balanced people are becoming erratic and irrational as a result of nothing more than being under excess pressure.

As disturbing as the film, and as terrifying as the book, I am frightened that our society is following in these characters’ footsteps and cracking under pressure. When will we relax and realise that being under pressure is not the right way to live?

Elloise Hopkins

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