Wednesday 20 April 2011


What a versatile and fantastic word. It can express so much in one fabulous word. In fact it is more than a word, it is a whole thought, emotion, statement and exclamation in one.

My dictionary – Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus – describes the word flabbergasted simply as being an adjective meaning completely astonished. What more is there to say than that?

I recently welcomed flabbergasted back into my vocabulary after a particularly trying day at work. It was one of those moments when the words used, the behaviour and overall expression of another person was really more flummoxing (another great ‘f’ word) than my mind could cope with.

It was so effective in allowing me to express just what I made of the whole situation that I decided to grant flabbergasted pride of place. Not only is it well and truly back in my daily vocabulary but it is taking pride of place as my favourite word of the week.

Elloise Hopkins.

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