Friday 8 April 2011

Escape to the sun?

Escape to the sun?

Yes please. This winter I seemed to suffer a permanent cold from September to March. I can only, rather predictably, blame this on the British weather. After a few months, having a perpetual sniff gets rather irritating and finally I gave in and dragged myself off to the doctors.

“Doctor, doctor.” Began my appeal “Please, please relieve me of this cold before the sniff sniffs and little red nose drive away my remaining sanity.” To which the doctor’s wise response was: “Take a holiday in the sun.”

Is that a jargon-ridden medical term I do not know about? Is that a sensible and widely accepted solution to the common British cold? Can I really afford to abandon my life and seek refuge in sunny climes each time I catch a winter cold? No, is the sad answer to that question. Life cannot stop for a cold.

So here is my plea for the day. Sun, do we have your attention? Britain needs you. Please report.

Elloise Hopkins.

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