Wednesday 27 April 2011

How to survive…

Returning to work after a plethora of bank holidays.

I, like many people, am thankful for the extra bank holiday this year and am enjoying a long run of days off work. Not that I am spending the time idling, mind you, but it has provided a welcome break from the usual routine.

I do dread the first day back to work though and I think steps are needed to ensure that I am not overtired and useless on my first day back, and potentially worse, to ensure that I do actually wake up on time and make it back to work.

1) Get an early night for a couple of nights before the first day back to start reversing the late-night, late morning routine.
2) Similarly wake up early the day before going back for the same reason.
3) Avoid extreme water sports or other activities during the break to ensure an injury-free return.
4) Do not drink and eat in excess to avoid sluggish lethargy and discomfort.
5) Adopt an ‘I love work, I do, I do’ mantra (yes even if it is not true) for a few hours the night before to return to work in a positive frame of mind.

Good luck me!

Elloise Hopkins.

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