Saturday 25 August 2012

The Downside of Reviewing...

I read a lot and so being a book reviewer was a natural step for me. What better way to make the most of a skill (if being a passionate and efficient reader is indeed a skill) than to review books? I really enjoy having that outlet to express my thoughts and opinions when I finish a book and it is good feeling that I have done some use for someone else at the same time.

Being reviewer has some real benefits. Sometimes I get the books free in return for reviewing them. Often I read books before they are released which means I don’t have quite so long to wait for a sequel – that can be a real blessing in some cases! It means I am very well read. It broadens my experiences, introduces me to new authors, publishers, trends and so forth. Most of all it gives me more of an excuse to have my head stuck in a book as frequently as I want.

People always see the positives of being a book reviewer but recently it dawned on me just what the worst aspect of it is: reading a book before other people. If you read it before other people then by default there are very few people you can discuss it with and that can border on unbearable at times.

It is so difficult when you’ve read a book and really enjoyed it to not have anyone to share that with. To not be able to quote from it or talk about your favourite parts, what blew you away and what shocked you, or to speculate about what will happen in the next book. Imagine going to the cinema with a friend, watching an amazing film that had a real effect on you and then walking away afterwards without discussing it.

There is a void period between when you’ve read the book and when it actually gets released during which you have to physically concentrate on not gushing over the book or worse not blurting out details that will spoil it for someone else. That’s the downside. Every silver lining has a cloud. Balance restored.

Elloise Hopkins.

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