Saturday 18 August 2012

Retail therapy for the soul...

I like to think I am not too materialistic in life and that I do survive very easily without going on regular spending sprees to refresh my wardrobe, music collection, kitchen equipment or whatever the staples of life’s luxuries are considered to be.

But I do sometimes still sink back to that seemingly inbuilt instinct that if I have a bad day, buying something new will make it better. I just did it, just now. I had a long, fairly miserable week feeling under the weather and rewarded myself with a new pair of boots. Yes ok so they were in the sale – student/writer budget still very much in full force – but nonetheless it was a purchase of a pair of new boots that I didn’t *need* but feel better for the having anyway.

Buy why did that make me feel better? What is this need for things that are new that fills our lives so? I’m wondering whether it is a matter of material possessions at all, but rather if it is the holding and seeing of something fresh, something new and shiny in its wrapper, that is the real pleasure in it.

Elloise Hopkins.

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