Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises...

For so long it seems I have been speculating about what would happen in the final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and getting over excited about trailers and teasers. Now, finally, I know what happened, and without spoilers here are my immediate reflections on the movie.

When I left the cinema at the end I was tingling with excitement and adrenaline and desperate to go and watch it again, which in fact I did a few days later and had the same reaction the second time. It seems so rare these days that a film leaves you with such a feeling but this one did in abundance. In fact the whole movie was a fairly emotional rollercoaster amidst the action and intrigue and I felt satisfied with the way the story had progressed.

The threat to Gotham was renewed again, with new villain Bane taking centre stage in the plot, although there were far more new characters on the scene than just Bane. I also found myself grinning like a maniac at several points of the film when things just worked perfectly and tied in with the previous films, but I will leave you to discover your own grinning moments.

The complexity of the plot was in keeping with the rest of the series and I know it is one of those films that I will not only enjoy each time I see it, I will spot things I had not noticed before. This is not sugar coated Batman, it is as tragic and tortured as it is powerful, and the conclusion to Nolan’s series, if indeed it is to be a conclusion, certainly worked for me.

Elloise Hopkins.

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