Saturday 11 August 2012

Espace Dalí Montmartre…

My recent Paris excursion also took me to Montmatre and to the Salvador Dalí exhibition, which is currently home to more than 300 pieces of his work including paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Clocks and the fluid nature of time were certainly the main focus of the collection and it was fantastic seeing his interpretations of time and the great crafted clocks up close. The image of the melting clock appears in so many forms: stretched over tree branches, dripping from canvas, saddled on a horse. Such a powerful image and idea he explored.

The sculptures really impressed me the most. Such intricate details and beautiful materials have been used to create each one. They were even selling replicas in the shop and it was a struggle not to buy. I think the show stealer has to be the crystal bearing elephant sculpture which towered over my head on delicate legs, though it was a close second with George slaying the Dragon.

Recently I was captivated online by Dalí’s Alice in Wonderland pictures and I was delightfully surprised to discover them housed at this exhibition. The colours were so much more vivid than they look in pictures and I think this may be becoming my most favourite Dalí collection of them all.

Elloise Hopkins.

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