Wednesday 3 August 2011

The great detectives…

I recently wrote an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood in a noir detective thriller style (you can read a version of it on my website). The wolf was bloody and cruel, the detective brooding and quietly powerful, the epiphany the crux of the story.

That, coupled with watching re-runs of BBC’s Sherlock series, reminded me just how good a good detective story can be. The TV guide these days is awash with crime stories, laden with good cop, bad cop, private cop, funny cop, tired cop and washed out had-it cop.

With so many formats out there, stemming back to the original dark detectives, how do you separate the mundane from the copycat?

My theory is that the broken detective is the most powerful and so the most intriguing. The detective that is hindered by an internal struggle is always more interesting and dynamic to watch/read than your bog standard clone of a detective. I shall wait with excitement for the next great detective and remember that Sherlock was a drug addict after all.

Elloise Hopkins…

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