Sunday 31 July 2011

Trains, planes and time delays…

I travel, both for work and pleasure. On Friday I went to Glasgow for the day, for a meeting that lasted all day so I only got to see the inside of a train station, airport and office. Not the best way to spend a day, but it has to be done.

Why, I ask, is transport always delayed in this country? I’ve lived in other places where trains run to a timetable and keep to it, and even buses manage to arrive on their scheduled times. But in Britain (unless this is a curse that only affects myself) I always seem to get delayed.

There’s nothing I hate more than having to wait and waste time and arriving late to a meeting is just such an inconvenience. I seem to forever see the word ‘delayed’ flash up on station screens and come over train tannoys in a tone liable to start me off on this (see above) topic to whomever is near enough to hear my mutterings.

This is me, the frustrated traveller, sending a message out, no, a plea, to say please make my life easier over the next few weeks. I have numerous trips to make on business and there is only so much of departure lounges and poor coffee I can take. Let my planes launch ever on time and my trains run to timetable.

Elloise Hopkins

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