Wednesday 10 August 2011

What colour am I today…

Well this is a tricky one to answer. Anger is my primary emotion today. It is simmering beneath the surface, the result of working in an environment that conducts itself with a severe lack of professionalism, amongst other things, and has annoyed me greatly. When did we become a world where everyone is out for themselves and no one supports their colleagues anymore?

So in terms of colour moods, black and red spring to mind first. They are dark, moody, dangerous and definitely representative of anger. Think the red mist, the black cloud, the dark angel and angry flames. The face flushes with red when we feel angry.

Red is a strong colour and so is fitting that it is used to represent such a strong emotion. Black on the other hand is more of a void, the possibility for more or less than emotion so today I am going to go for red.

In sticking with my Crayola colour reference, today I am Orange Red. A vibrant, simmering shade of vexation.

Elloise Hopkins.

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