Friday 13 May 2011

What colour am I today…

Sometimes I am completely immersed in a mood that lasts for a whole day and no matter what I do, where I go or how I want to feel, the mood cannot be shifted. The mood always feels like a colour, bathing everything I see and think in its hue.

There actually is a colour psychology and a belief exists that colours can change the way a person feels and acts. I’m not sure whether I believe colours can change moods, but my colours can definitely set the tone of a day.

Today, I am feeling more on the green and yellow side, Chartreuse to be exact. My mind and body are relaxed and working as one to weave some imagination into my work. Today writing is a pleasure, stress-free and full of endless possibilities.

I am also excited about how helpful a Crayola colour can be in describing my mood today. Who knows, tomorrow may be Raw Umber, Tumbleweed or Periwinkle Blue.

Elloise Hopkins.

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