Monday 23 May 2011

The Lure of Love…

I rarely incorporate love stories into my own writing. Love is such a complex phenomenon and there are so many shades that I feel it needs an entire story dedicated just to its theme.

As a result of this opinion, I am always amazed at how many stories – films, poems, scripts, novels etc. – seem to throw a romantic interest in as an afterthought. How many stories have you read that seem to be about one thing and then at the end someone falls in love and lives happily ever after?

It makes me wonder just what it is about a love story that is so appealing. Is it romantic nostalgia or desire, a fantasy that we know can never be reality, or pure escapism from our own lives? Do we long for something that doesn’t exist, or are we just not lucky enough to find it ourselves?

Next time I write, I will be conscious of the lure of love. Perhaps I shall try to fall under its spell and write in a romantic interest for my protagonist in the hope of discovering just why it is that love entices and excites us so much.

Elloise Hopkins

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