Monday 2 May 2011

Back to work...

Alas, a mournful tear presses against my eyelid this morning in dread of the inevitable return to work. Today is the last bank holiday and my last in a long string of days off.

I confess, I am about as pleased as returning to work as Romeo was about his exile, as Alice was when she saw the Bandersnatch and as Oliver was when he reached the end of his bowl. Dare I wish for more days off as he did for his gruel?

Mind you, reflecting on my break as I make this use of my last productive day, I feel a real sense of achievement on all I have done. I spent a few days in Devon on holiday, then to the grindstone it was and a glorious several days in the sun writing to my heart’s content. I have managed to bring my coursework up-to-date, write an entry for a writing competition and start on a second, and most excitedly, finished the planning and skeleton outline of the plot for my next novel.

So much to do now and so little time but this week has made me realise how much I love writing and I know I will get it all done somehow. Oodelalley!

Elloise Hopkins.

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