Thursday 19 May 2011

A Go-Go A Go-Go Part 2...

A calm fell over the office for a moment. All phones seemed to silence themselves. The kettle boiled and hushed. I smiled to my friend. Back on track a go-go. For one beautiful moment I thought I might manage to get some work done; the chaos of the morning was gone. I stretched my arms out and took a deep breath.

Darkness. The office groaned as one, disappointment echoing around the now still space. We are power cut a go-go. Everything switched off. No phones. No computers. No gentle hum of the fridge and no grinding from the photocopier. Nothing. Productivity zero. Problem a go-go.

Then the wait. The dark, quiet wait. The frustrated scraping of chairs and shuffling of feet. No more tea. A brief discussion on the use of ‘power outage’ versus ‘power cut’, differences of opinion a go-go. Tiredness seeped its way in. Irritation levels rose. I felt glad that stress wasn’t visible in the air. That would be too stifling. It was a bad day from the start. Obstructive commuters a go-go was my first clue. Time passes.

Decision made. No power. We are going home a go-go. Fin.

So in one day that little phrase accompanied me through the most irritating and the most rewarding moments. I don’t know where you reappeared from mon cher À gogo but I hope you stay with me to see me through the next day.

What could be better than saying so much by saying so little?

Elloise Hopkins

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