Tuesday 20 December 2011

Part of the furniture…

I was sitting at work today and for the first time (possibly) I noticed that the office is covered in fire exit signs, pointing – rather obviously you might say – to the fire exits!

What worried me was that they have become part of the wallpaper. I am evidently so used to seeing fire exit signs that they simply do not register. Now in the office that is fine as I happen to sit near to the fire exit and a regular drill does drum home that the doors are there for a reason.

But what if I get caught in an emergency elsewhere? Are we just so conditioned to seeing 'warning!', 'danger!', 'fire exit', etc. everywhere that our brains have shut down?

With this new super-awareness I can now embark upon my adventures confident that I am prepared for any hazard. Well, until my brain switches off again anyway.

Elloise Hopkins.

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