Wednesday 7 December 2011

The Day The Emails Stopped…

Part 1.

The office was alive to the sound of messages bleeping, notification windows popping up, BlackBerrys vibrating to their sim cards’ content. The click of each mouse grew louder for each satisfying ‘sent’ and grew more frantic at the sound of every new message.

It was a while before the clicking became noticeably quieter and less frequent, a while before people started to look at each other in confusion as their desks became still. The pop up windows had gone. The inbox no longer stared out with the bold announcement of unread mail. A senseless whisper fed from one side of the office to another. “Have you had any emails?” “No. Have you?” “What’s happening?”

The emails stopped. For a long time no one moved, no one clicked, they hardly dared breathe. One brave man peered out of the window to find out whether the world had ended and they just hadn’t been told. It hadn’t. Outside people continued life regardless. They talked, laughed, shopped and strolled together in peace, oblivious to the terrors the corporate world was facing...

Elloise Hopkins.

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