Sunday 11 December 2011

The Day The Emails Stopped…

Part 2.

When the office dwellers realised what was happening, they celebrated. This was a one off, an anomaly. A never again experience.

Suddenly they had several hours of email-free time. The corporates began to rebel. If there were no emails, they justified, then there could be no work. If there was no work then they were free. They could join the happy people outside. They consulted one another in hushed murmurs and amassed into a group. Like ants they planned and marched together from the office.

As the last one left the office, she took a quick glance at the world she left behind. There was a flash on a nearby computer screen. She blinked and looked again. Was it real? A cacophony of message bleeps and vibrating gadgets started up again, soon joined by the sound of running feet and excited voices. The last ant looked into the hallway, into the office and back again at the approaching crowd. As she was crushed by her again human colleagues, the pounding of footfalls was the last she heard of the day the emails stopped, and then the world went silent.

Elloise Hopkins

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