Saturday 15 October 2011

New gadgets…

For me, there are few things that beat the arrival of a new gadget. It is the adult version of the ‘kid at Christmas’ feeling. Boxed, clean and shiny they arrive glinting at future promise.

I particularly enjoy peeling the clear plastic from the screen and untwining the charger, half-heartedly flicking through the instructions and then abandoning them to admire the finger-print and scratch-free casing of my new toy.

The first power on is arguably the greatest moment of all. The blink blink flash of a new welcome screen, logo and intro on display and the heady rush of trying to look at every menu, every application, every function at once.

But all too soon that new gadget feeling wears off, the shine dulls, the wear and tear emerges and the guilty mind cannot help but plan what the next new gadget will be.

Elloise Hopkins.

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