Tuesday 25 October 2011

Fantasy Faction…

Well, it is official, I am on the Fantasy Faction staff list and my second review has been posted. I’m equal parts of excitement and fright at the moment as I deal with the joy of being able to contribute weighed up to the trepidation at whether I’ll be able to live up to what has already been accomplished by the site.

I’m what you could class as a newly emerged fantasy writer and began following the site earlier in the year in conjunction with setting up my own online profile. My aim was to become more familiar with the industry and I have thus far found Fantasy Faction to be a great place to get information about authors, books, the industry, writing tips, genre specific information and the all important encouragement. The 500 club has so far been a great tool in getting my first novel drafted.

Now I find myself on the staff list I will be supplying book reviews to the site on a regular basis. My focus will be on new fantasy releases and the odd classic from time to time. I have old favourites that get regular reading cycles and I also love to discover new voices in the fantasy landscape.

All that remains to be said is I’m looking on this opportunity with enthusiasm and am thrilled to be part of it. In its relatively short lifespan the site has already achieved so much and there are more exciting developments planned. Visit and join in today.

Elloise Hopkins.

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