Monday 4 July 2011

E-reader verdict…

The time has come, the walrus said. Well actually it is me saying it but I am well and truly in fantasyland again today. I recently took my e-reader on its first outing and it is verdict time.

To my surprise, I enjoyed the reading experience far more than I expected. The lack of applications on the gadget worked in its favour, as there were no distractions, although the in-built dictionary was a great novelty. Another definite plus was being able to carry a huge amount of reading material in a package that is both smaller and lighter than a book. It made luggage considerations and long journeys much less painful.

The actual reading experience surprised me too. The screen did not tire my eyes or bombard me with glare or reflection as I expected, in fact it does a rather good job of mimicking real paper. The page turning is surprisingly pleasing – a little stroke across the screen – and being able to lean the e-reader on my lap and still read without it falling off or closing itself, like a book would, was a pleasure.

I certainly won’t be eradicating real books from my life (or bookshelf) but the e-reader will be a permanent attachment for journeys and may find a regular place in my handbag.

Elloise Hopkins.

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