Saturday 31 October 2015

Book Review: Ripples In The Chalice...

By Adam Copeland.

Sir Patrick Gawain is about to meet his end at the point of a sword. That is until his Apparition appears before him and reminds him that he cannot give up. Patrick is forced to revisit a choice he once made – a choice that led to everything he has experienced and everything he has suffered thus far. The peace of his trip home may be short-lived.

King Henry Salian has been tutored for this since childhood, focused always on his goal by his elders. But his father, the emperor, is responsible for terrible acts, and it is time for Henry to stand up for what he knows is right. The fight to unite Christianity under one pope and one emperor is on, and Patrick finds himself in the middle of events once again.

The opening of this book is a hugely impressive prologue which locates the reader straight into the heart of this story’s focus. It does not hold back on action or tone and demonstrates great confidence in storytelling. On the whole, this second Avalon tale exhibits tighter control in the writing than its predecessor and demonstrates the author’s growth.

While the elements of the first book are firmly visible and its favourite characters still in the forefront, there is a greater level of immediate menace in the story and a darker and more visibly violent feel overall, which sits well among modern fantasy. For the more traditional readers among us, don’t fear, there is a welcome ending after all the hardship. Another enjoyable read for those who want a story routed in historical fantasy with a little bit of real life, romance and myth in for good measure.

Elloise Hopkins.

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