Sunday 27 September 2015

A World of Tea…

A good cup of tea – definitely part of my daily routine. My morning usually starts with a coffee, quickly followed with several cups of tea. Green, white, fruit infusions, wacky flavours, flowering teas – I try all sorts. In fact, trying a new tea is an exciting thing for me. I tend not to stick to the same flavour throughout the day, delicate blends winning for the morning shift and heavier, more unusual combinations taking me through the afternoon.

This week I was sent some blue tea flowers from a start up company called Boho Chai. They’re on Facebook and Twitter so are easy to track down. This is the world’s first blue tea, is completely organic and is said to have many health benefits. Grown in Thailand, this Butterfly Pea flower is absolutely, undeniably blue. Wonderfully, unusually, weirdly blue.

I sampled the signature tea, Bluechai, hot first, with nothing added, to see what its raw taste was like. As the name would suggest there is something a little pea-like in there. It is a smooth tea. Drinkable. Definitely something exotic in its taste as well as in its rarity. I think it could take some people time to get used to drinking a tea this vivid and I do wonder if the taste isn’t an acquired one.

When adding lemon, the acid turns the colour to purple or even pink if you really lemon-it-up. I tried it hot and lemony then tested an iced version. A lovely tipple for a sunny afternoon and a great conversation starter. The colour change is really quite spectacular to see. I can honestly say I have never had a tea quite like it before.

I would certainly recommend giving it a try if you are like me and enjoy sampling things you have not come across before. I think the winner has to be a warm cup of Bluechai with honey and lemon added – the honey to cut across the tartness of the lemon, and the lemon to pep up the taste as well as effecting that beautiful hue shift.

Not a review, per se, but I did enjoy seeing something in action that I have never seen before, and that is certainly worth a blog. A tea to try!

Elloise Hopkins.

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