Sunday 16 December 2012

Peacock Men...

It is known that peacock males are the ones who have the pretty feathers and the show-off nature. They posture, they preen, they strut and present themselves to their best advantage, always. They use their physical appearance to attract females and ward off their rivals.

There has recently been a new injection of males into one of my circles, which has led to peacock behaviour amongst them. Chests are puffed out, voices are deepened and everything is geared towards the macho; their physical strength, gym performance comparisons, the engine sizes of their cars, finances, where their suit came from, how much their wedding cost, discussions about the attractiveness of the women in their lives and the added status this grants them. Everything in each man’s behaviour is now carefully calculated to make him sound more manly and superior to his rivals.

But why? I long to ask. They are of similar ages, all work in the same industry, all have the same interests and similar day to day lives. So surely there should not exist this competition among them. They are friends for crying out loud! I am so bored of these peacock men. Honestly guys, just slump your shoulders, stop beautifying yourselves and get on with life like the rest of us do. Enough with the feather displays. You might look pretty in the short term but everyone tires of looking at the same thing day in, day out. Beauty is useless without substance.

Elloise Hopkins.

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