Sunday 9 December 2012

Crayola Colour Mood...

Banana Mania. That is shade of the day. And no, I have not just chosen that colour because of its funky name (ok, perhaps that helped the choice) but because it is the perfect, pathetic shade to sum up my current Crayola Colour Mood.

My very first thought when looking at that colour was to think of the colour of sand when night begins to fall. I have one section in the current draft of my novel in which one of the characters tries to describe a desert. He’s never seen one before and everything is just yellow. Different shades of yellow everywhere he looks. And it overwhelms him.

So why am I feeling Banana Mania? Well it is kind of pale and pasty, which sums up my complexion and general sense of well being right now. I am ill yet again, for about the fifth time this year. The last bout was a tedious summer cough/cold/headachy thing that took me out for about a month and now, at a crucial point in time having just over a month left of my MA and just after starting a new job, I appear to have the cold weather version.

I am so bored of this recurring cough. And you know what? I would be even more bored if I had to look at Banana Mania for much longer. What a colour. Unfortunately the experience is far less exciting than its name.

Elloise Hopkins.

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