Monday 22 October 2012

The Art of Frankenweenie…

This was my second Tim Burton exhibition this year and again did not disappoint. As the title suggests, it was solely dedicated to his latest film, Frankenweenie, and was housed at the London Film Festival village in Southbank.

Amazingly, this was a free exhibition, open to the public, and was so good that I would have paid for it. Once again I was offered a glimpse into the working practices of Tim Burton, one of my favourite directors, not through sketchbooks this time, but through a mock up of his desk, complete with overturned paint pots, screenplay and crew mug.

The exhibition was advertised as being a showcase of the models from the film but there was so much more crammed into the hall. Along with the models, which were just fantastic to see up close and get an idea of how they were made and moved, and how the stop motion animation worked, there were actual constructions of the sets and plenty of welcome photo opportunities.

What struck me the most was the intricate detail of every tiny prop and every element of the sets. The highlight has got to be Victor’s dinosaur pyjamas and the super cool space wallpaper. My own walls are now inadequate. I haven’t seen the film but after seeing this exhibition it is now firmly on my to do list.

Elloise Hopkins.

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