Tuesday 9 October 2012

FantasyCon 2012 Blog Three…

So my final blog of FantasyCon 2012 is really a summary of the rest of the time I spent at the convention. As well as the two panels I have discussed I also found Is Steampunk Here To Stay? interesting as it examined the sub genre in the context of the whole. There was some uncertainty among the panellists as to how they saw Steampunk and their own writing within its context. General consensus seemed to be that this style of writing has existed long before the label Steampunk was applied to it and will last long after.

The Brent Weeks Guest of Honour interview by Alasdair Stuart was excellent and some insightful questions on topics ranging from martial arts and writing fight scenes to responding to fan mail and just how you become a bestselling author gave a real insight into Weeks’ background, working practices and plans for future projects. Once again he proved himself a great public speaker and kept the audience entertained.

Other highlights of the weekend (aside from the proximity to the beach and the fact that the sun granted us with its presence) were the Rebelion/Solaris/Abaddon giveaway which was a great opportunity to check out recent titles and chat to the publishers and authors, as were the numerous launches, the availability of unique works on sale in the dealers room and the general friendliness of everyone at the convention.

Once again I came home with a stack of books, a whole list of hints and tips to apply to my own writing and a generally increased sense of motivation and a more positive attitude towards my own work. It is strangely comforting, for example, to know that Brent Weeks took five years to write The Way of Shadows, and to be reminded that persistence and a hard outer shell are necessary traits for an aspiring author to have.

There is not a great deal more to say without going into too much detail about the other brilliant things that were on offer over the weekend. The convention delivered everything that was expected and despite not being able to spend the whole weekend there I had a great time and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. There is a wonderful genre community out there and a massive support network that takes minimal effort to embrace.

Elloise Hopkins.

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