Saturday 8 September 2012

Quirky Pubs...

A pub bookshop. I do seem to have a habit of stumbling across quirky pubs in Wales and the most recent find was no exception. Tucked away out of the main New Quay village streets on the Welsh coast is a small pub which serves pub grub, decent ales and hosts a weekly pub quiz.

Nothing out of the ordinary in that, but this pub is also a bookshop. Now close to where I live there is a pub that has a library in it so you can read books when you are there or borrow and swap them. But this pub was actually a bookshop – not something I have ever come across before.

This photo shows just a small section of the books that were on offer. There were literally shelves, alcoves, walls full of books and even better they were organised by genre as you would find in a standard bookshop. Even more to my delight was that there was an entire shelving unit dedicated to sci fi and even more to fantasy – such a pleasure to see, considering these are usually relegated to one meagre shelf or even on occasion to a scruffy box or pile on the floor.

There was something very satisfying about standing at the bar and paying for books along with ordering your drinks and food. It felt like one of those moments that will stick in your memory because they are not often likely to be repeated. I was quite taken with the whole experience and now I fear that every other pub I go into is going to feel a little bit lacking on the literature front.
Elloise Hopkins.

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