Wednesday 26 September 2012

An Evening with Brent Weeks…

Waterstones on New Street hosted this Brent Weeks reading/signing in Birmingham last night and I was lucky enough to get a ticket. If you have opportunity to go to a reading during his current tour, go! I’m not going to give any spoilers but believe me, it is well worth it.

From the moment he walked in and delivered his witty opening line to a room full of eager Brummies: “you guys look shifty”, said with a cunning smile, possibly true, Brent Weeks had our undivided attention. A brief introduction about the extract he had chosen to read and why was enough to confirm to us that he is as eloquent and humorous in person as he is in prose.

The reading itself was captivating and something that fans will not be able to experience anywhere else. This was followed with a Q&A session which revealed such vast details about the author from his writing practice, current and future projects, and the dilemma over book titles for the rest of the Lightbringer series, to what he loves about his job and why, the book trailer for The Black Prism, his definition of humour and so much more.

The whole evening was presented by someone who is clearly naturally very entertaining, playful and daring – definitely a fan of shock and awe. Weeks obviously loves what he is doing and we are set to see many more great things from his as an author. He also revealed some incredibly exciting news about his next project, which I just can’t bring myself to spoil. Go to a signing, go to FantasyCon, or if you can’t make it then keep your ears open for chatter – great things are coming!

Weeks was sociable and humble, taking time to speak to everyone who had gone to see him and was happy to sign copies of books new and old, for long time fans and some visitors who had never read any of his books. There were no airs, no awkward moments, no limitations; the whole evening was fantastic. I cannot recommend it highly enough. A great setting, an awesome chalk picture welcome and a brilliant host.

Elloise Hopkins.

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