Saturday 11 February 2012

Winter is Coming…

No, not just in Westeros, and thanks to George RR Martin I have been saying ‘winter is coming’ on repeat for the last several weeks. It is cold. At the end of September I was walking around Brighton in the sun with only a t-shirt on. Even December was mild and sunny, January pretty much the same. Now, February, I am huddled in winter coat, scarf and gloves. And that’s only inside. We have had the tease of snow for a few measly hours but no satisfying winter blanket across the landscape that lasts and inspires for the time we are enduring the minus temperatures.

But really the point of this blog was to wonder; just how do phrases such as this become so quickly ingrained in our vocabulary? It’s only been a few months since I watched Game of Thrones and re-read the books, but suddenly I find myself lapsing into Ned Stark’s gloomy ‘winter is coming’ mood at frequent intervals.

It must be true that life really does imitate art as well as the other way around. The human mind is a sponge for repetition and I will be thinking of this as I write my novel. I wonder if one day I will have a phrase that makes its way into everyday dialogue. Here’s hoping right? Be positive!

Elloise Hopkins.

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