Thursday 2 February 2012

Ice Maiden…

I just got called ‘Ice Maiden’ by a colleague. Wow. Is that good or bad? This is possibly the first time in my life this has been used to describe me. “Look at that,” he said, “if looks could kill…” In fairness I was responding, playfully I thought, to some regular office banter. It seems I turned my evil eye on him a little too harshly (usually reserved for my fictional characters rather than real life). Withering!

Then I started thinking about the description Ice Maiden and thought hang on a second, isn’t that reserved for people who are cold, unapproachable and quite frankly only worthy of admiration from a safe distance? Is that really how people see me? I started spiralling into the depths of my self-conscious soul.

Am I cold? I don’t think so though certainly there are moments when I have little tolerance for certain aspects of human behaviour. Am I unapproachable? Again I don’t think so but maybe the fact that I spend so much time in my own little world inadvertently isolates me from reality. I certainly don’t want to come across as cold and unapproachable. I can be quite friendly at times you know. Honest.

Anyway enough of looking at the bad side. I’m choosing to take it as a compliment and style myself as a cartoon character for the day. The Ice Maiden (not sure if she exists already but for the purposes of this blog… she doesn’t!). She is cold in a cool, quirky sort of way. I’m making geek chic baby! She tolerates no fools and has no time for petty, inane problems. She’s too busy saving the world in a sexy, lycra-clad, utility belt, special powers, re-programming the universe kind of way. Sounds awesome right? I think I need to go shopping… I’m thinking silver boots and electric blue heels? Too cliché?

Elloise Hopkins.

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