Thursday 26 January 2012


With the dramatic end of the second series of the BBC production of Sherlock I felt it necessary to share my thoughts on what has become a phenomenon in popular culture and hopefully enough of you have seen it now so I won’t spoil it. On the Sunday airing I was entertained to see that during the final episode Twitter went silent as the UK suspended reality to watch and then burst into comment at the end as people began to speculate over just what was happening.

I confess the week before with the Baskervilles adaptation I had been less enthused with the series and wondered whether perhaps the novelty had worn off or the audience expectations had become bigger than anticipated.

With the end of the series though all of my doubts were dispelled. Fantastic writing coupled with strong performances from the main characters made for an episode that had me enthralled throughout. I won’t give anything away but it really did blow me away and reminded me just how powerful an adaptation can be when translated well. It is nice to see the detective rendered so popular once again.

Elloise Hopkins.

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