Saturday 21 January 2012

Novel progress...

This week I finished the first draft of my novel Sentinels: Protectors of the Landfolk after blasting through a conclusion that I had been holding in my mind for the best part of a year. Even after a few days the elation of reaching the end of book one is still with me.

I began writing in August helped along by Fantasy Faction’s 500 club so it has taken just under six months to draft the story which is currently just shy of 120,000 words. Perhaps a little short for a fantasy novel you may say but I already know there is more to the story I need to write in – exciting developments occurred as I was writing and unforeseen characters manifested beautifully. There is also a prologue to add in to support events prior to the point the story begins.

So what is the next stage? Well once I have finished celebrating finishing the first draft I have to write it all over again. I feel enthusiastic about doing that at the moment – the thrill at reaching the end is energising me – but once I get past the re-write and into editing stages I hope that my positivity and drive to produce a finished manuscript will stay with me. Here’s hoping.

Elloise Hopkins.

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