Saturday 17 May 2014

The unfriendliness of newspaper...

I have issues with newspapers. I really do. I’m not talking about content here, although I have issues with that too. You would be hard pressed to get me voluntarily into a discussion that had anything to do with news, politics or this modern day celebrity obsession or the other countless day to day items that upset me. I’m talking about the actual, physical qualities of newspapers.

First of all I have issues with the size and total logistical impracticality of them. I mean, yes, there is a lot of content there, and I’m sure originally there was a very good reason for them being so huge. But is it really necessary? There is nothing worse on a long train journey during a busy commute than being constantly elbowed by someone reading a newspaper next to you and having the flapping corners drifting over to block the view of your own sensible-sized reading material.

And secondly I can’t stand the texture. Bizarre I know for someone that reads multiple novels a week. But have you ever picked up a wooden spoon when it is slightly damp and felt that uncomfortable and unnatural cringing sensation rush over your body? Well the same principle applies to newspaper. Try touching newspaper when it has become damp by rain or if you have wet hands or even when your hands are bone dry, and I suspect you will feel as disgusted as I do by it. There must be a modern solution!

Yes, ok so this is just a commentary, a rant, a moan. Call it what you like, depending on your own thoughts on newspapers. Today it is newspapers that are taking the brunt of my groaning. Bah.

Elloise Hopkins.

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