Sunday 26 January 2014

Irritation of the Day: Unmayo…

Light mayonnaise. Or as I like to call it ‘unmayonnaise.’ Never before have I tasted a light/diet version of something that was so entirely dissimilar to the original that it seems farcical to use the same name.

Nothing about light mayo makes me want to eat it. It has that gloopy, too-white appearance that tells me that no eggs, olive oil, mustard or any proper mayo ingredients have gone into it, and the texture is just bizarre. The way it clings to a knife is just plain wrong.

Why do we have this obsession about making diet products that are so strange in taste and appearance that they are barely edible? And who are the people that tolerate them? When diet alcohol came out I laughed. When I first tried light mayo I spat.  Diet coke makes me grimace. However you look at it, the end result is the same. Light mayo is just not mayonnaise… and that’s a fact.

Elloise Hopkins.

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